sizzle by B/R/K 4 liter Cooker

• 4 liter capacity
• Comes in three different gasket colors: black, green, and orange
• A pot for different types of cooking: cooking, pressure cooking and steaming
• Intuitive, easy to use: locking mechanism opens and closes with one hand
• Specially developed, break-resistant glass lid for “cooking by sight“
• Cut cooking time by 50%
• Use up to 70% less energy
• Simple, safe and elegant design
• Open the lid at anytime to check the taste, add ingredients, or stir the food

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The Sizzle cooks faster …
The reason for this is the patented airtight lid, which allows the temperature in the pot to rise to over 212°F, thereby significantly speeding up the cooking process.

The Sizzle cooks healthier …
Gentle steam cooking in a closed system where less liquid is used retains the vitamins, minerals and natural flavor of foods.

The Sizzle is fun …
With The Sizzle, anyone can cook right away, because the operation is very simple and self-explanatory. The glass lid, which can always be opened, provides “cooking by sight,“ spontaneous seasoning, adding ingredients, and tasting as usual. The patented locking mechanism that opens and closes with one hand makes cooking a relaxed pleasure.