alpha by B/R/K 6 liter Cooking System

• 6 liter capacity
• A flexible cooking system – various pots and sizes modularly combinable
• More joy in cooking due to ease of use – patented one-handed operation provides safety and comfort
• Infinitely adjustable valve (pressure-cooker lid)
• Healthy meals for the whole family– cooking in a closed system retains the vitamins, minerals and flavor of the food, perfect for baby food

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alpha is the pot for every day …
With the patented pressure-cooker lid, the alpha can become a pressure cooker when necessary. With perfect fit and flexible use, alpha is the perfect companion in every “fast-food” kitchen.

alpha creates space …
and not just in “creating“ daily meals. Because the pressure cooker lid can be used on various pots, alpha saves shelf space and thus is also suitable for households with small kitchens.

alpha is versatile …
Thanks to extensive accessories, including a glass lid for normal cooking and steamer inserts, there are no limits to the imagination when cooking. Alpha makes meal preparation a pleasure.