About Us

Chef’s Design®
Premium Cookware

Since 1915, Chef’s Design® has been producing premium quality heavy cast aluminum cookware in the USA. Our cookware is the ultimate in quality, design, and value. The professional weight cookware ensures unparalleled heat distribution, durability, and most importantly, great results.

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Established in 1909, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry has consistently provided the finest quality aluminum and copper based alloy castings for a wide variety of industries. We specialize in Permanent Mold, Green Sand Molding, Dry Sand, and Low Pressure molding processes and can take your casting design from prototype samples to production tooling in a time frame to meet your needs. Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry takes pride in our Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service that keeps us well ahead of our competition.

Continuous technological advances throughout the foundry such as robotic finishing equipment, and precision CAD prototyping prove Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry’s committment to excellence. It’s that commitment that has earned WAF the prestigious Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award for 3 years.